Printing technologies offer new opportunities

„Modern printing is a mass production technology (…).It therefore comes as no surprise that its applications go beyond the media. Without printing technologies it would not be possible to create smart and active packaging, cutting-edge electronics nor innovative medical sensors”

– this is the direction for development of innovations in printing technology indicated by dr inż. Jacek Hamerliński from the Printing Industry Research & Development Center (PL COBRPP), one of the lecturers at the first Congress Art of Color in Poland – NEW DIMENSION OF PRINT.


What’ s the aim of Polish printing industry?


The event began with an opening of the session entitled “Prospects for development of the printing industry” and the question of Jakub Dyląg, President of Quad/ Graphics Europe, Member of the Polish Print Chamber about: Where are we and what’s our aim? The author of the lecture tried to answer the question if printing companies on the publishing market, particularly of magazines and retail market can and should change themselves and their offer and what is the time needed for those changes and what are the ways of coping with the growing competition of non-print media in the advertising sector. What is the new generation of solutions for a modern printing house 4.0 and digital production in Heidlberg’s context presented Jordi Giralt from Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG. The future of packaging was discussed by Dirk Winkler, Director of Print Technology KBA, whereas the new challenges awaiting the printing industry under the slogan “ECO3 – Ecology, Economics and Extra Convenience” discussed Stefan Piotrowski from Agfa Graphics. He talked about such problems as the lack of qualified personnel, increase in general costs, reduction or lack of chemical ingredients, reduced use of water and energy and reuse of materials as well as stability and automation of the processes. Sector Credit Director from Bank Zachodni WBK, Roman Nagler however was convincing the audience that “printing companies themselves, directly and energetically win foreign markets. For many of them export becomes the key sales direction. Printing industry is one of the industries with the lowest intensity of bankruptcy in the economy”.


Share Your Coke and 800 million labels in 32 countries


Trends and technologies in the printing industry was the title of the second session opened by Krzysztof Januszewski, Director of the Polish Chamber of Flexographers, which is interested in communicating new knowledge for the industry and sharing content-related preparation for making strategic business decisions. „Let’s be honest – digital printing already today is an integral part of our printing reality” – justified on the example of two products from the offer of Reprograf S.A. Andrzej Płatek. „In the era of extremely colorful store shelves, packaging of a product in a way that it attracts the interest of the customer constitutes a real challenge” – in an interesting presentation of Karol Główka from HP we watched examples of among others wrap around labels of Coca-Cola in the campaign spread over 32 countries, or wood-like label of Jim Beam. The topic „Technological trends in the printing industry – possibilities of using 3D print in the printing and packaging industry” discussed by Janusz Wójcik, President of the Association of Innovative Technologies SIT Polska and Adam Suchenka from ABC DATA matched the theme NEW DIMENSION OF PRINT. „The eco aspect is not only a trendy slogan, but also the style of running a business” – about printing paints as components for printing production talked Robert Kuczera, Director of Offset Paints Department from hubergroup Polska. Will the UV technology take over the future of the industry? This question tried to answer Małgorzata Olszewska-Nowicka from Böttcher Polska.

First day of the lectures was closed with a discussion panel pursuing the theme of the NEW DIMENSION OF PRINT in the context of the analysis of the national and European market, human resources, level of education and future of the printing industry.

In the evening, during a ceremonial Gala Art of Color, were granted awards of the Polish Packaging Chamber in two categories. First category is: „Leaders of innovative technologies in packaging print”, which received the company DEKORGLASS from Działdowo, Graphic Studio Can Pack and company Infosystems. The second category of awards for “Specialist printing periodical” received the magazines: “Poligrafika” and “Świat Druku” and Publishing House European Media Group. During the Gala were also presented the winners of the Ranking of the most rapidly developing companies from the printing industry, which had been prepared by Bank Zachodni WBK and BISNODE. The awards were granted to companies: Blue System Drukarnia Etykiet, Printgroup and Uniwersal Display Solutions in category of income from sales respectively: 5-15 million, 15-40 million and above 40 million PLN.


3D print worked on


On the second day of the congress were held 2 simultaneous sessions and workshops. The latter entitled “Practical activities from modeling and printing objects on 3D printers” presented the advantages and disadvantages of the 3 D print, selection of technologies and review of the best companies and products on the market as well as pointed possible target groups and shopping impulses of potential customers. Under the session entitled „Printing in the packaging and other sectors of the industry” was held a cycle of lectures, among which was one entitled „Production of POSM vs. scented print – new printing solutions in the industry” conducted by dr Jolanta Sienkiewicz from Printing House Paw Druk. Next lectures confirmed the role of packaging in today’s printing. Dirk Winkler from KBA in the context of printing and processing, Bożena Gargas, President of the Institute of Industrial Design from the perspective of modern design. Zbyszek Krugiełka from Heidelberg discussed the trends and solutions in postpress packaging machinery for production of packaging, company Digiprint presented software solutions for a brand.


When will the book market collapse?


This was the topic of Piotr Dobrołęcki from magazine „Książki”, which opened the session „Printing in the publishing industry”. Since 2010, when the record number of sold books was noted (PLN 2.940 million), stagnation and declines have been recorded. How does this happen? The lecturer made an analysis starting from wood to forest and ending on a reader. A Professor from Warsaw University of Technology, dr hab. inż. Georgij Pietraszwili talked about durability tests of books binded with glue.




Congress Art of Color gathered behind the lectern 26 experts from the printing and other sectors, 13 leading companies decided to be the partners, the content-related and professional support was provided by 16 institutions, companies and associations and media cooperation took up 11 titles and websites recognized on the market. Thanks to the great support of the leaders of the market almost 400 participants registered for the congress. The official announcement of the co-dates of the next year events: International Trade Fair of Machinery, Materials and Printing Services POLIGRAFIA and International Fair for Packaging and Labeling Technology TAROPAK, which will be held on 1-4.10.2018 in Poznań, took on a whole new dimension. Organizers of both fairs already encourage everyone to contact them. See you at the fair!


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