POLIGRAFIA 2015 report

One time, one place, one industry – the idea for this year’s edition finally came into being! On 26-29 May 2015 Poznań was visited by 120 exhibitors, 5 800 visitors and 25 professional accompanying events took place.

“This year’s edition of POLIGRAFIA concentrates on the narrow printing industry, without the advertisement fair. (…) This is the traditional meeting place for the whole industry. Here we want to meet our customers, suppliers as well as competitors. This fair is an opportunity for presenting own novelties and own strong points on the market" - said Bartosz Grzęda, FUJI FILM GmbH sales manager. From the perspective of changes on the market as well as technological development about the tradition of these meetings told us Jacek Kuśmierczyk, Chancellor of the Polish Brotherhood of Gutenberg's Knights: "This is the agora where representatives of the industry meet in one place and one time. I do hope that this function despite well-developed communication media will not be lost in the future. (…) The Polish printing industry is doing much better than other European countries. (..) In terms of the industry, an increase in the value of marketed production and another increase in the Polish export has been recorded, so we can just say that: the indications for the nearest future are the best possible”. This is how the Vice-President of Derva Sp. z o.o. Management Board, Mirosław Barta,s has commented on the participation in POLIGRAFIA fair: “We have been participating in this fair for many years and we will continue to do so as long as our customers are here".

2015 POLIGRAFIA fair was held separately from REKLAMA360 fair, which constituted organisers’ answer to the needs of printing industry exhibitors. This solution allowed each exhibitor for an easier contact with their professional recipients’ groups. However REKLAMA360 fair that will be held on 29.09-1.10 of 2015 in Poznań, will have a form of the most interactive meeting of the advertisement and marketing environment, as the project director, Ilona Rosiak assures us. You can find more information about this event on the following website: www.reklama360.eu.

First day of POLIGRAFIA fair begun with the opening of an event on stage of Poligrafia Arena, which was combined with granting the Gold Medals awards for innovative solutions and products for the printing industry and Acanthus Aureus awards for the best designed and prepared stands for the execution of a company’s marketing strategy at the fair.

The Acanthus Aureus awards were granted to the following three companies: FUJIFILM CENTRAL & EUROPEAN REGION, INTERPRINT Sp. z o.o. and HENKEL POLSKA Sp. z .o.o.


List of products awarded with the MTP Gold Medal




  • HORIZON RD- 4055 rotary die cutting system


Applicant: DERYA Sp. z o.o., Tychy

Hall 6A stand no 8


  • Flenex flexographic plate

FUJIFILM EUROPE GmbH (Ltd.) Branch in Poland


Hall 6A stand no 10


  • PuzzleFlow Manager


Hall 6A stand no 8


  • IwarePRINT System

IWARE Sp. z o.o., Wrocław

Hall 6A stand no 21


  • OPUS Binding Tower Set

OPUS Sp. z o.o., Gliwice

Hall 6A stand no 31



  • Automatic thermal line for single- or double-sided paper laminating


Paper Laminating Plant, Gdynia

Hall 6A stand no 41


Right after the opening a premiere of the 5th edition of the report “Printing and packaging market with an overprint in Poland” which was presented by Jacek Kuśmierczyk, chancellor of the Polish Brotherhood of Gutenberg’s Knights, and Jacek Baiger, partner in KPMG Poland tax consultancy department. The report shows that the sentiments in the industry are positive and supported with a positive evaluation of the development of examined companies and that the percentage of companies with a less optimistic vision of their position on the market is decreasing. Export is believed to be the flywheel of the industry –  Polish companies thanks to relatively low labour costs and high quality of services are highly regarded both on the EU and outside the EU market. The next accent which results from the report is the development in the direction of computerisation of the printing sector. Of preference are internet orders, but at the same time one has to be ready to perform more complex orders that require meetings and individual arrangements. The second premiere of this fair day was the most recent, special issue of "Print Partner - perfection in printing" which was accompanied by a debate of the printing industry customers, leading printing  houses and suppliers of machines.


The following fair day, qualified financial advisors held presentations on the EU funds: “EU funds for everyone”, “EU funds – 2014-2020 perspective” and "How should I prepare my company for the new financial perspective for the years 2014-2020 so that I could not only get the financing but also successfully settle it?” Using the knowledge gained during the lecture companies from the printing sector will have a bigger chance for preparing themselves for the nearest tranches of autumn EU subsidies and by this, for increasing planned investments.

The Institute of Journalism of University of Warsaw conducted a presentation entitled “Transformation of the media”. This topic reflected wide spectrum and dynamics of changes occurring on the traditional and modern media market, issuers and recipients’ needs, as well as the ways of planning and executing campaigns using the advanced methods and technologies.

The Polish Chamber of Packaging gathered the audience at a lecture “Label helps to create the brand”. Identification through the label and selection of the type of label depending on the type and purpose of an area – these are only some of the issues that were raised in this very detailed presentation.


Last day of the fair was marked by the slogan “The young for the young” which covered lectures raising such topics as selection of studies at Warsaw University of Technology, especially on Papermaking and Printing at the Production Engineering Faculty, gradation of values within the publishing process: packaging and content, influence of packaging colour on customers shopping habits, customer magazines – intelligent way of supporting sales, yearly report as a printing product, printing securities on an ID card. These were the presentations prepared in cooperation with Warsaw University of Technology – Department of Printing Technologies and Joachim Lelewel Vocational School Complex no. 6 in Poznań.


This year’s edition of POLIGRAFIA fair has shown how many and how fast things change within the industry. It has left many question marks but has also found many missing solutions. One thing however is certain: the idea of fair meetings continues to be vivid and strong.


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